BRIAN COLLINGS  has over 30 years experience in the marine industry and is the owner of Rivercity Marine, established in 1981.  Brian started producing the AMF Pro Sport range in his Wanganui factory in 1995, which continues today producing boats for local and international markets. 

Brian purchased AMF Boat Company in October 2007 with the intention of growing the AMF name.  Brian has had a large input over the life of AMF in the areas of research and development along with Paul Sharratt.  The results speak for themselves, with in excess of 300 exceptional AMF boats on the water.







PAUL SHARRATT  Paul started AMF in 1984 after some 20 years of Aluminium boat building experience.  Not content to follow the masses, Paul set out to re-define Aluminium boat building, to make the boats go better, smoother, faster and to be stronger! 







JODI COLLINGS  Jodi, has been working along side her  father, Paul, since the business started.  In the early years it was often just Paul and Jodi on the staff, so Jodi has been hands on in the construction side of the boats.  In recent years Jodi has moved into the administration and sales side of the business as it has grown.   









BEVAN COLLINGS Bevan has been involved in the family marine business since 1991, and with selling AMF boats since 1995. He also has a broad knowledge base of all brands of boats and boating in general after running Rivercity Marine for many years. 

Bevan is the sales manager for AMF Pro Sport boats and also manages internet marketing of the AMF brand. 























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